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TPU Berezovskoye

Cafe "Forest Estate"

In August 2012 in peat briquette production management "Berezovsky" opened a cafe "Forest Estate".

Employees Cafe Forest Manor

Cafe was formed as a result of the reconstruction of the former dining room, located at n. Zelenyy Bor ul.Tsentralnaya 7 . Once outside of Central, you will see it at once: building cafe is next to the renovated administration building. Learn it can be on the nice yellow color.

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In weekdays café is open from 11.00 to 22.00 , weekend from 12.00 to 01.00 .

Here you can offer coffee, tea, eat candy, cookies and other confectionery. Visitors come here just to relax, unwind and have a tasty meal.

The interior was created by the latest canons of fashion: wrought iron chandeliers and lamps, curtains in the Greek style, and the arch moldings, deep wave spreads from the top ceiling, two large plasma hang against each other, so that visitors can not only listen to music but also to see the different shows. The spacious room allows room celebrations.

Total hall cafe

Billiard Room

Cozy atmosphere, delicious food and pleasant service offers to his visitors.

For fans of snooker in the basement it is equipped with a billiards room.

We invite you to visit our cozy cafe.

Leave application for holding the event.

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