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Freight services

Wholesale Retail customers are offered services for the delivery of products transport management. For this control, there are necessary craft.

Delivery may be parties: 2-5, 6-8, 9-18, 19-30 tons.

Dump truck GAZ-SAZ-3507 is designed for transportation and mechanized unloading of various agricultural goods, as well as for transportation melkosypuchih industrial and building materials (sand, gravel, and so on. N.). The design of the truck allows it to unload any of the three sides: left, right or back. Capacity GAZ-3507 - 4.4 tons, the volume of the body with added boards installed - 10 m ³.

Tipper MAZ 5516A8-336 dropside used for transportation of various bulk cargoes independently (19t load capacity, the volume of 22m Platform ³), and in part of a combination, together with the trailers. Carrying capacity of the train - 40 m and useful volume - 42 m ³.

MAZ-555102-225 - Three-way side dumper, used for the carriage of bulk cargoes independently (gruzopodemnost- 9,7t, volume 7.7 m Platform ³), and in part of a combination, together with a trailer load of the tipper lorry - 19.1 m.


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